You Can Dance a Tango…Easy

Posted by Carole Stuart on August 13, 2012 | Permalink

When Helen Gurley Brown’s name is mentioned, her famous ground-breaking book, SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL is always spoken in the same breath.  As it was in the obits for Helen who died this week (August 13th) at the venerable age of 90.   Her devoted husband, David Brown, died in 2010. He was 94.

I don’t know how many would associate Helen with Argentine tango, but here goes.

A few years ago, Helen and David, and Lyle and I, met for dinner.  Lyle went on about my obsession with tango.  I had been taking lessons for years with Paul Pellicoro and dressing up nights to go tango dancing. 

Helen was intrigued.  I made her an offer.  “I’ll treat you to a lesson with Paul.  He’s wonderful.  You’ll love it.”  She took me up on the offer.  I suggested she keep taking lessons with Paul, but being famously thrifty, she thought he charged too much.

Months later, on one of the morning television shows they were  doing a piece about how people can enjoy life at an age when most would be thinking of  retirement. 

And there was Helen.  And she was in a tight red dress.  On television. Doing the tango!  What a gal!


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