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I’ve missed writing an end of 2013 report but wanted to bring in 2014 with some news…

Sad news to report is the passing of Suzanne Henry, who managed Barricade’s book production and many other things. Suzanne’s sudden death from cancer is a great loss for me both professionally and personally.

When I was looking for an assistant about five years ago, one of the possibilities was Suzanne, an older, though not old woman, with lots of experience, although none in book publishing.

I credit my daughter, Jennifer, for the suggestion that I hire Suzanne. “She’s mature and knows a lot about what work and life is about,” she said.  And this was true.

She quickly picked up the nuances of book publishing and very soon was an integral part of running Barricade Books.

We had our differences -- I was neat, she was not. I tended to ask the same questions over and over. Suzanne was usually patient and answered them over and over.

She got to love the business and was soon not just managing production but offering valuable suggestions about book covers, authors, and much more.  The people who worked with her respected her and liked her greatly.

It won’t be the same without Suzanne. I miss her now and will continue to miss her. I will always value her contribution to Barricade.


Coming soon….

 Barricade has become a go-to publisher for true crime with 25 true crime titles in print, the latest to be published soon, THE MILWAUKEE MAFIA by Gavin Schmitt.


 Having had success with Ron Felber’s true story, IL DOTTORE, we published Ron’s novel, A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE that will be followed by THE KAFKA SOCIETY, with a third already being written.


Our list continues to grow and this June, Barricade will

publish Avery Corman’s memoir, MY OLD NEIGHBORHOOD REMEMBERED.

This is his first non-fiction book and his gift as a writer will have the reader laughing, crying…enjoying.

Some early comments:

“Lyrical.” Ken Auletta.

"Poignant and evocative.” Walter Isaacson

“This is the way we were.” Richard Reeves

We also produced a film shot in several places in the Bronx that were meaningful to Avery… his schools, his old apartment building, the street where he played stickball, as he tells anecdotes that are taken from the book.

And, timed in coordination with his memoir in hardcover, we’re republishing his nine novels in trade paperback including KRAMER VS. KRAMER, OH, GOD! and THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD.


Wishing you a slightly belated Happy New Year.







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