July 4th Edition

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As we approach the July 4th holiday, some in publishing are thinking more about beach than books. Summer always brings a sort of quiet in the book business. (Do people still have shorter Fridays? Or no Fridays? )

Before everything closes down, this Hot News is to call attention to a Barricade Books author who is one of our most effective salesmen. Bruce Mowday’s specialty is hand selling. This is pretty remarkable at a time when more people are going on line for their shopping.

Bruce is the author of three Barricade titles: JAILING THE JOHNSTON GANG, co-author of LIFE WITH FLAVOR A Personal History of Herr’s, with founder of Herr’s snack foods, Jim Herr, and the third, and most recent, and very much in time for the holiday, is PICKETT’S CHARGE, The Untold Story.

Many of the books written about Pickett’s Charge are written from the Confederate point of view. General George E. Pickett led a battle that was the last best chance for a Confederate victory in the Civil War and came during the final day’s fighting at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.   The story of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s greatest gamble has been told and retold, but the heroic stand of the Union forces has received little attention.

This book is the untold story of Union valor.  It also contains remarkable photos from the famous J. Howard Wert Gettysburg collection, unseen before.

A book about the Civil War is not typical for us. More of our books, including JAILING THE JOHNSTON GANG deal with crime wars, not The Civil War. We have a long line of true crime/mafia books.

But when Bruce came to us with this book, I said yes immediately.

Bruce needed the books in time for an appearance he was making at Gettysburg which coincided with the July 4th holiday.  We were on a tight deadline but getting finished books as it turned out, was not a problem.  Suzanne Henry, our production manager, worked with our cover designer, got the book into a PDF quickly and the printer was on board.  PICKETT’S CHARGE was produced and in Bruce Mowday’s hands swiftly and he’s already off and selling.

Actual publication is February, 2014, a date that is determined by our distributor.

That enables them to publish a catalog and have their sales staff sell to the bookstores and jobbers months ahead of actual publication.  The book is timeless, so the February pub date is fine.

I’ll be celebrating the 4th of July having had a history lesson thanks to Bruce Mowday who will be at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania selling his book.

Happy Fourth of July. I’ll be watching the fireworks from my terrace.


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