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I’ve known Barry Farber ever since I was doing publicity for Lyle Stuart, Inc and regularly booked authors on his radio shows. He has been doing talk radio long enough and interviewed enough authors, celebrities and other talkers to be in the Guinness Book of Records. Barry is one of the best-known radio talk show hosts of all time. He is an author himself. Barricade published a number of his books including “How to Not Make the Same Mistake Twice.” He has interviewed most of our authors and even had me across from his microphone on several occasions. He’s terrific and has helped to promote many of our books. Virtually every author worth reading has been on his show.

Recently I visited Barry at his apartment in the Apthorp Apartments in New York City. He introduced me to a beautiful blonde woman who seemed very much at home. When she left the room I asked Barry who she was. “She’s my wife!” he said. I was completely surprised having known two other wives of Barry and had no inkling of this new lady in his life. I would save this item for Valentine’s Day but don’t have the patience to wait so what follows is the story of Barry and Sara:

Even though it was 1969, Barry Farber clearly remembers today that he wanted to marry Sara Pentz on sight and on site; on the spot; right there! "She'd applied to me for a job when my show was over 25% of WOR Radio's entire broadcast week," he recalls; "but we got along like a slow waiter and a poor tipper. She didn't want the job and she didn't smile."

About two years later he ran into her again. "She'd become a high-profile news reporter for Channel 5 in New York," said Farber, "and she was covering something I was involved in on the west side of Manhattan." And again, Farber recalls he did not get what comic Jimmy Durante used to call the Big Hello. Thirty-seven years after that first meeting Farber spotted her name on an e-mail copied to a mutual friend. "I quickly sent him an e-mail asking if this were the same Sara Pentz who used to be a reporter for Channel Five. Affirmative! He then bucked my e-mail over to her and she sent me a nice e-mail and I sent her a nicer one.

"We were married in the Orange County, California Court House in Santa Ana last September 3," says Farber proudly. "My Democratic cousin told me he was pretty sure that if Obama won the election, then anybody who gets married at my age could count on Medicare picking up 80% of the cost of the honeymoon!" Barry and Sara Pentz Farber call their romantic adventure "Cupid's Long Nap." The doormen and building staff at their Apthorp Apartments residence refer to them as, "The couple that still holds hands." Barry just promoted Sara to the rank of "co-host" of his nightly talk show beginning at 8 p. m. Eastern Time on the CRN Digital Talk Radio Network and his Saturday afternoon show on the Talk Radio Network. Anybody can access their daily show at and the Saturday show at

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