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So why is everyone trying to discourage Khadafi from coming to Englewood, NJ when he’s in the US to attend the United Nations? It’s not like he has to stay at a hotel?  He doesn’t have to be an unwelcome houseguest either. He’s got his own digs, right on the East Palisade Avenue, the main street running right through the town.

“Stay Away” says Steve Rothman (Dem Representative to Congress from NJ) up in arms trying to please his heavily Jewish constituency who will be Khadfi’s neighbor.

Here’s the story. In 1982 an elegant mansion in elegant Englewood was put up for sale.  It was purchased by the Libyans as their consulate but they never moved in.
Over the years with nobody at home, the place became an old wreck. It’s situated almost directly across the street from the exclusive Dwight Englewood School (where my daughter, Jenni, had one of her unhappiest education experiences – but I digress and leave that story for another occasion).
The town has been losing very decent tax revenue since consulates are excluded from paying taxes (and paying for parking tickets and other revenues sources).

Now the story goes that Khadafi is going to pitch his porta-tent-on the property. Whether he brings his porta-potty is unclear but the gardeners are hastily trying to the put the place in order.  They may not have to be concerned because it appears he won’t step inside, having all his needs attended to in his tent.
I think the good neighbors should greet Khadfi with open arms (not the kind you pack in your pocket). He’s putting Englewood on the map like it hasn’t been since Brooke Shields graduated from the above school years ago.  There are lots of Mediterranean restaurants in the hood and if he doesn’t want to venture out, I’m sure It’s Greek to Me down the road will deliver.  If his tastes run to bagels, there’s a good bagel shop there too, also a good kosher deli. He should leave his camel in the garage since parking is scarce.

lately, it seems they are fixing up the house. Will he come? Will he stay? Will the neighbors greet him? Stay tuned.

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