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June, 2014 Hot News

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June, 2014


BEA 2014 was the usual massive crowd event with long lines of people lining up at many booths getting signed copies of upcoming Fall books, amid gossip about the Hachette/Amazon battle.


I know I’m supposed to be caught up in it regarding Barricade Books, but somehow I feel this warfare between conglomerates just doesn’t seem to be about us.

We’re an independent book publisher with a dedicated audience of readers who enjoy our extensive list of True Crime books, offbeat nonfiction and some surprises.


Barricade is publishing Ron Felber’s Jack Madson series of crime novels.  The first, A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE, introduced Jack Madson who gets himself in and out of tense and bizarre situations.  The newest is THE KAFKA SOCIETY where there are more of Madson’s adventures.


We’re publishing new trade paperback editions of Avery Corman’s classic novels, KRAMER vs KRAMER and THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD.

Also new from Avery is his first nonfiction book, MY OLD NEIGHBORHOOD REMEMBERED, a wonderful memoir of his growing up years in the Bronx of the 1940s and 1950s.  Ken Auletta has called it “lyrical,” Walter Isaacson said it is “poignant and evocative.” The memoir beautifully recalls neighborhood life vanished from the culture. 


A recent gathering at the Bronx County Historical Society drew a crowd of current and former Bronxites who watched a film adapted from the memoir, followed by a lively discussion between author and audience.  You can see the film yourself, “My Old Neighborhood in the Bronx Remembered” on YouTube - two versions adjusted for attention spans -- short and longer versions.

A favorite section of mine is his recounting of “The Talking Dog.” Yes, really. The first celebrity he ever saw.


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