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Timing is Everything

Posted by Carole Stuart on May 08, 2013 | (0) Comments

Today’s (5/8/13) New York Times has three pieces about sexual abuse in the military:  The lead story on the front page, “Sexual Assaults In Military Raise Alarm in Capital,” an editorial, “The Military’s Sexual Assault Crisis,” and a column by Maureen Dowd, “America’s Military Injustice.”

In 2007 we published a book by Dr. Mic Hunter, “HONOR BETRAYED, SEXUAL ABUSE IN AMERICA’S MILITARY.”  The response was, to put it mildly, underwhelming.  Dr. Hunter had counseled veterans, both men and women, who described their experiences of being sexually assaulted while serving. 

The subject was a perfect fit for Barricade: important and controversial.

We anticipated headlines in print, interviews on radio and television.

The reality was – complete silence.  Was it because the topic was too hot? 

The author sent books to members of Congress. They not only didn’t take any action to assist veterans, they never even acknowledged receiving the book and were silent about it.

Dr. Hunter is part of a group of mostly military people interviewed for a documentary film to be released soon.  The title is “Women of War: The Shocking Truth about America’s Military Sexual Trauma.”   Maybe the time is right and the message will get out and something will be done to assist the veterans whose abuse has been ignored far too long.

I’m not sure what has changed in thirteen years but finally the men and women who were and still are being abused are at last telling their stories and they are being heard.  The book is, unfortunately, as relevant today as when we first published it.  “Honor Betrayed, Sexual Abuse in America’s Military.

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