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The New Love in My Life

Posted by Carole Stuart on October 09, 2009 | (16) Comments

My life has been filled with adventure, excitement and romance.  I like to try new experiences.  For instance, never having learned how to ride a bike as a kid, I’m going to learn now.  I dance tango but look enviously at the salsa dancers who seem to be having so much fun. Salsa is next on my dance list.

Until a couple of months ago, television was, well, just tv.  But all that has changed and has taken me into a new relationship.  I’m in love with my HD TV.

When I was encouraged to buy an HD TV I didn’t see the point. My old television worked.  But now I understand. Now I rush home, pass my other televisions in the living room and in my study and enter my bedroom.  My HD TV is not any ordinary HD TV – it’s a Sony 1080 32” screen.  Okay – it’s not the biggest screen but it fits perfectly in my cabinet in my bedroom where I removed the dinosaur that lived there happily until it was recently replaced.  The Sony is a thing of beauty.  Sleek, black screen, thin, elegant. 

Along with the TV came another new experience: Sports.  Everything looks great on HD TV but nothing looks as good as Sports.  The greens of the grass, the vivid colors of the uniforms, The Tour De France was beautiful – not only the cyclists who were resplendent in their colorful spandex – but also the beautiful French countryside sprang to life in better-than-living color.

I’m not giving up on “House” or ” Law & Order” but I have found myself watching football.  I confess I enjoy watching the NY Giants in their colorful, tight uniforms revealing tight butts and bulging muscles.  What have I been missing?  I’ve learned what a field goal is, a down, I gasped in concern when Eli Manning turned his ankle and had to leave the game.– I’ve given myself over to the zen of it. It’s also fun to watch with serious fans who patiently answer my dumb questions.

When the cable guy came to change my wiring from very old to very new, he admired the SONY 32” set in my bedroom, coupled with the Eames chair I placed in front of it for better viewing.

I asked him what size HD he had .(This is the question everyone asks. “How big?” has taken on new meaning.) He casually replied, “52”. But, he pointed out, “I’m the cable guy!”

In Stores Now…

A Detective’s Firsthand Account of Murder
and Mayhem
By Jim O’Neil and Mel Fazzino

This is the latest in our true crime/mafia series.  It’s not just another “cop” book.  It is an action-packed, page-turner memoir of a cop who seemed to be in every major NYC bust. 

Over twenty years, from the 1960’s to the 1980’s Jim O’Neil was involved in solving headline-making cases. He helped put Harlem drug lord Leroy “Nicky” Barnes out of business. He was in the center of cracking open the Black Liberation Army case…and was the first detective on the scene of the “Dog Day Afternoon” bank robbery.  O’Neil was the police equivalent of Woody Allen’s Zelig – he was always where the action was.

Jim is the real deal New York City cop – he talks like one and this book describes New York City’s most violent and corrupt years.

We launch our publicity campaign on Long Island where Jim lives with a signing at the terrific independent bookstore, Book Ends in Huntington.  If you are in the area, the signing is October 23rd at 7PM.  For more details, contact Suzanne Henry at  If you can’t get to the signing, and want a copy Suzanne will help you with that!

CORRECTION: I got the name wrong for the bookshop where Jim O’Neil is having a signing for “A Cop’s Tale.”  It is: Huntington Book Review.  Same date as above. 


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