Who’s Who in Hell:

A Handbook and International Directory for Humanists, Freethinkers, Naturalists, Rationalists, and Non-Theists
by Warren Allen Smith

October 2000 | $125.00 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-156980-158-1

Smith’s enormous reference work aims for the libraries and living rooms of people who don’t believe in a personal God and who care a lot about their disbelief. Despite the irreverent title, Smith, a freelance writer, takes no interest (except coincidentally) in debauchery or evildoing. Instead, he’s compiled a biographical dictionary of tens of thousands of freethinkers, secular humanists, Unitarian Universalists, Ethical Culture activists, and famous folks who hewed to no religious creed. There are the great dead, like George Eliot and David Hume. There are present-day blasphemers and secularist writers, from Woody Allen and Salman Rushdie to philosopher Richard Rorty and novelist Will Self. There are newsmakers who happened to be “non-theists,” like New Wave singer Gary Numan, Chinese democracy activist Xiao Xuehui, physicist Leo Szilard, runner Jesse Owens. And there are people who seem to be there just for the heck of it, like atheist, elephant-hunter, and WWI casualty Sir Frederick Courteney Selous. When Sartre wrote that “Hell is other people,” he may not have had so many in mind, but if unbelievers get to spend eternity in this varied, illustrious company, a season in Hell might be a treat.