What Men Still Don’t Know About Women, Relationships, and Love

by Dr. Herb Goldberg

June 2007 | $22.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-330-1

In his first book in fifteen years, the author of the classic book on men, The Hazards of Being Male, explores the relationship dilemmas of contemporary men and women. What Men Still Don't Know About Women, Relationships, and Love uniquely addresses the timeless complexity of love and relationships. It is not uncommon for contemporary men to believe that they have done everything right, only to find that even their best intentions have failed them. Dr. Herb Goldberg attempts to bridge the gap between a man's naturally distancing personality and his need for closeness. Explanations are given as to why it is actually men who take longer to get over a failed relationship and why a man's true relationship enemy is one that lies deep within himself. Many of the paradoxes and conundrums of men's relationship experiences are explored, with case histories presented and guidelines for change offered.