The Making of Ghosts

by Henry Kellerman

August 2012 | $24.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-468-1

In a departure from Barricade's usual genre of non-fiction, The Making of Ghosts is at once a murder mystery, a recipe book on decoding psychological symptoms and an historic treatise dating back to the Spanish Inquisition.  Psychologist Dr. Glenn Kahn, a recently-widowed expert in the treatment of split-personality disorder, is drawn into the investigation of the death of an autistic adolescent boy found floating in the swimming pool of a mental hospital. Simultaneously, while doing research on the treatment of psycho-emotional symptoms, Dr. Kahn discovers a reference that leads him to the work of a medieval monk who had uncovered the key that could open the lock to free people of such symptoms.  This leads to the agonizing self-examination of a widwowed shrink who refuses to accept what the fates have mercilessly delivered to him.

Author Henry Kellerman has been called a 21st century cubist raconteur. a master of the psyche's prism distilling what one should do when life doesn't cooperate; he challenges fate and wages a fight against the unjust.  Not a murder mystery, not a thriller, The Making 0f Ghosts is a psychological novel fiilled with mystery and thrills.

Henry Kellerman

Henry Kellerman, Ph.D. has held faculty and clinical positions at several universities and hospitals, spanning a 50-year career as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. His more than 20 books include works on emotions and personality, dreams and nightmares, love and hate, and he has presented the first complete theory on how to cure a spcecific class of emotional/psychological symptons.  Dr, Kellerman is in private practice of psychotherapy in NYC.