The Kafka Society:

A Jack Madson Novel
by Ron Felber

June 2014 | $16.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-510-7

The Kafka Society finds Jack Madson, first introduced in A Man of Indeterminate Value, on a new adventure. After a night of clubbing, Jack has no memory of the past twenty-four hours. Who is the beautiful woman he discovers in his hotel room? How did a severed head get into the trunk of his Mustang convertible? Is he a murderer? Before he can answer these questions, Madson finds himself helping his former high school nemesis, Tom Dougherty – now chief of the FBI’s East Coast Operations – get disentangled from a blackmail scheme. Nothing is quite what it seems. As his investigation progresses, Madson uncovers a criminal organization that specializes in the most monstrous of enterprises: global human trafficking, run from abandoned tunnels deep beneath the streets of New York City and directed by a coterie of intellectual thugs known as the Kafka Society. Once again, the reader follows Madson through a wealth of dangerous episodes and exotic pleasures before the exciting conclusion of this thrilling page-turner.

Ron Felber

Ron Felber is the author of A Man of Indeterminate Value which introduced Jack Madson. Felber began his writing career with articles for True Detective magazine and then wrote three books in the classic Nick Carter series. He is also the author of Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor; The Privacy War: One Congressman; J. Edgar Hoover and the Fight for the Fourth Amendment; Presidential Lessons in Leadership; and The Hunt for Khun Sa: Drug Lord of the Golden Triangle.