The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents:

Ninth Edition
by William A. DeGregorio

with updates by Aaron Jaffe

August 2017 | $17.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-817-7

The most comprehensive single-volume sourcebook on U.S. presidents available today.
A unique volume comprised of more than 300,000 words. More in-depth information about every president than any other single book. A factual look at all our chief executives, from George Washington to the winner of the 2016 campaign—their lives, etc.

William A. DeGregorio

was a freelance writer and editor specializing in historical and political subjects and reference works. He wrote hundreds of articles for such authoriative reference works as the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Encyclopedia America.

Aaron Jaffe
was raised in Philadelphia, and graduated from Whittier College in 2005 with an English major. Incidentally, Whittier is the alma matter of Richard Nixon. Richard and Aaron were not close. Jaffe was an early YouTube content creator, running one of the site’s 30 most subscribed channels in 2008, generating millions of views. One of his political videos (a mash­up of Hillary Clinton campaign slogans and the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (sitcom) was featured on ABC News. In 2009, Jaffe put a halt on video making to pursue a lacrosse coaching career, which saw him coach internationally and on the collegiate level. He is currently writing his first novel and resides in Denver, Colo.