The Charney Report:

Confronting the Israeli-Arab Conflict
by Leon H. Charney

October 2001 | $24.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-204-5

The Leon Charney Report, the nationally syndicated, cable interview show, has long been one of the favorite stops in America for statesmen, journalists, and others who play a vital part in the Mideast. The Charney Report: Confronting the Israeli-Arab Conflict reveals why. The Charney Report provides perspective on the peace process and gives hope that peace may yet come to this conflicted region. With the rise of fundamentalism and the continued struggle over Jerusalem, the region now faces as many challenges as it has before—and yet, talks continue. As Charney notes in his Afterword, '"The Middle East is the genesis of all religions and the cradle of civilization. It also has been a consistent source of conflict ... One must never forget that the Holy Land is a place of miracles. And it has been said that to live in the Middle East is to believe in miracles over reality."

Leon H. Charney

A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Leon Charney began his career representing sports and show business personalities before moving onto finance and investment banking. For six years, he was the counsel and adviser to Sen. Vance Hartke (D-Ind.). Charney's expertise in the Middle East brought him to the attention of the Carter White House He parlayed his extensive contacts throughout the halls of power on both sides—Israeli and Egyptian—into an effective back-door channel for the Camp David Peace Accords. Charney lives in New York and is the author of Special Counsel, a memoir detailing his experiences during the historic Camp David peace talks.