Sex Without Guilt in the 21st Century

by Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

January 2004 | $14.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-258-8

Albert Ellis was, perhaps, the only sex psychologist in 1956 to write for any American newspaper. Too uncompromisingly sexual for most publications, his articles on sex, love, and marriage were also too valuable to be ignored by Lyle Stuart's iconoclastic newspaper, Exposé. What followed was a storm of shock and criticism from even the staunchest of political radicals. With his approval of masturbation, premarital sex, and mutual adultery, Albert Ellis's articles continue to provoke modern readers moved by his logical, humanistic approach to the taboo subject of sex.

Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

Dr. Ellis published more than eight hundred papers in psychological, psychiatric, and sociological journals and has seventy books to his name. He was a fellow (and past president) of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex and headed the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy until his death in 2007.