Richie Ashburn: Why The Hall Not?:

The Amazing Journey to Cooperstown
by Bruce E. Mowday Jim Donahue

July 2011 | $19.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-450-6

Richie Ashburn: Why The Hall Not? is the story of beloved Philadelphia Phillies player and broadcaster Richie Ashburn and a young fan he befriended as a player. That fan remembered the kindness shown by Ashburn and led a drive - collecting almost 200,000 signatures - to have Major League Baseball reconsider Ashburn for the Hall of Fame. Ashburn was elected into the Hall and the once young fan was with him at Cooperstown during the induction ceremonies. Along the way the young fan became a close friend of Ashburn and the two shared meals and thoughts on baseball.

Bruce E. Mowday

Bruce E. Mowday began writing professionally as a sports writer for the daily newspaper The Record and later worked for the St. Louis Sun and Daily Local News of West Chester, Pa. He has authored many newspaper and magazine articles, a dozen books, and is President of the Mowday Group, Inc. He resides in Downington, Pa. 

Jim Donahue started the "Richie Ashburn: Why The Hall Not?" campaign featured prominently in the media, and the award winning film "Richie Ashburn....A Baseball Life". Jim resides in Springfield, Pa.