Report From #24:

The Thrilling Tale of Norway’s Most Decorated World War II Hero
by Gunnar Sonsteby

| $17.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-812-2

When Hitler’s invasion shattered Norway’s peace of one hundred years, Gunnar Sonsteby, a timid youth, was destined to become the legendary “No. 24,” whose exploits earned the highest honors Norway could bestow when it was restored after World War II. Report From #24 is Sonsteby’s own account of his underground activities during the Nazi occupation. He was a master saboteur and raider, leader of the Oslo Gang and chief of operations in the Norwegian Resistance Movement. It is a dazzling tale of one man’s defiant answer to tyranny and the story of valiant men and women whose ranks extended from a bakery in Oslo to a peasant’s hut on the Swedish border.

Gunnar Sonsteby

the legendary No. 24 and a master of disguise, leader of the Norwegian resistance, eluded the Gestapo and became Norway’s most highly decorated war hero of World War II.