Reflections in a Mirror:

of Love, Loss, Death, and Divorce
by Raoul Felder

October 2012 | $24.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-470-4

In spite of Raoul Felder’s fame as a prominent lawyer, Reflections in a Mirror of Love, Life, Death and Divorce is not a book about law. Instead, it is a beautifully written, evocative memoir of the improbable lives of two brothers, one a famous lawyer and the other a famous songwriter, which encapsulates the essence of an urban America of a certain time and place in history. This book, a deeply personal one, is a tapestry of intersecting lives, loves and the time.  Its trajectory is from pre-war America and post-war Europe, a journey from childhood to youth and beyond:  a uniquely American odyssey told by a master story teller.

Felder writes about growing up in Brooklyn as the younger brother of Doc Pomus who, though crippled in childhood with polio, became one of the most popular songwriters of his time, composing such favorites as “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “This Magic Moment,” “A Teenager In Love,” “Viva Las Vegas”, and “Lonely Avenue.”

Reflections in a Mirror is a story of essential themes in life: love and death, man’s inhumanity to man, the perseverance of the human spirit, crime and divorce - a landscape that is as broad as America and Europe and as deep as the human soul. One can feel the heat of teeming city streets, the power of love, the legal wrestling of federal criminal cases, and the hatred of divorces. The memoir is, at core center, tender and brilliant, funny and heartbreaking.

Raoul Felder

Raoul Felder’s career in law began as a Federal prosecutor until he went into private practice where he would be named one of America’s Most Powerful Lawyers by the National Law Journal. He has been appointed to various government commissions and was Chairman of the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Best known as one of the most prominent divorce lawyers in the country, his clients have included Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, actor Richard Harris and heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe. In addition, he has taken a role in high-profile suits involving Elizabeth Taylor (representing husband Larry Fortensky), actress Robin Givens in her highly-publicized battle against World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson, as well as the wife of basketball star Patrick Ewing and husband of Liza Minnelli (David Gest).

He also was the attorney representing the mothers in the paternity cases of children fathered by Mick Jagger, actor Peter O’Toole, singer Tom Jones, and Mike Tyson.


Raoul Felder lives and practices law in NYC.