I Followed My Heart to Jerusalem

by Yale Roe

September 2005 | $21.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-288-5

A Jewish-American television executive makes a dramatic lifestyle change when he moves his wife and children from their comfortable home in Winnetka, Illinois, to Israel. He becomes part of a city whose fears and tensions embrace his family. In an understated style reminiscent of war correspondent Ernie Pyle, Roe evokes the feelings of simple soldiers, old men, and youngsters chasing a utopian dream, as well as Christians and Jews seeking God. This is the story of a man who gave up all that was familiar to follow his heart into a strange land where he found himself.

Yale Roe

Yale Roe is a seasoned network television executive. He left his job at ABC to found Yale Roe Films, Ltd. in 1975. One project, “Jerusalem, the City of God,” aired on PBS. He has worked with Kirk Douglas and Liv Ullmann.