Greedy, Cowardly and Weak:

Hollywood's Jewish Stereotypes
by Henry Kellerman

August 2009 | $12.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-364-6

Historically, Hollywood has stereotyped various groups. Italians were Mafioso. Irish were cops, priests, or soldiers. Blacks were slow witted, dangerous, and drugged out. Hispanics were crooks and cruel. Asians were usually sly and untrustworthy or portrayed as cartoonlike characters. What about Jews? In movies that are not about Jews, but where there is a Jewish character in the plot, Jews have been depicted as greedy, cowardly, and weak, and only preferring non-Jews as partners in marriage. The twenty movies in this book, spanning three quarters of a century (1931-2005), uncovers it all—Jewish stereotypes hidden in plain sight.