Drawing Dead to a Gutshot:

How to Talk Poker
by Brant Janeway

August 2006 | $12.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-308-0

From Zooted to Brass Brazilians, Kamikaze to American Airlines, Drawing Dead to a Gutshot: How to Talk Poker teaches you all the poker lingo you need to know to talk like the poker pros. Veteran poker player Brant Janeway takes you on a tour of the language of poker, giving you the vocabulary you need to get right in the game. From The Hilton Sisters (a pair of queens) to Motown (a jack with a five—"the Jackson Five"), Drawing Dead to a Gutshot illustrates how the poker vocabulary has evolved from pop culture—and how poker expressions have made the jump into the mainstream vernacular. The book also demonstrates the ever-changing nature of language and how the terms of a particular time period often preserve a bit of that era’s history.

Brant Janeway

Brant Janeway plays poker regularly in kitchens, card rooms, and casinos across the country. A lifelong player, he got serious about the game in 1999. He is also the cofounder of PFC Games, makers of Poker Flash Cards for Texas Hold’em (pokerflashcards.com). When he’s not playing poker, he works as an advertising executive for a major publisher. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and now lives in New York City with his wife and dog.