Dr. Fischer’s Little Book of Big Medical Emergencies:

How to Recognize and Respond to the 40 Most Common Medical Emergencies
by Stuart Fischer, M.D. and Mark D. Steisel

October 2002 | $12.00 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-241-0

This book will prepare people for the most common medical crises with easy-to-understand information they can use before rushing to the emergency room. It has been written to be easy to follow even during the most stressful conditions.


● How to tell if someone is having a stroke, heart attack, or epileptic episode.

● How to know if the victim should be moved, lifted, or turned.

●What to do until emergency help arrives.


●How  to perform CPR, dislodge obstructions, make and use tourniquets—and what items should be in your home and car to serve as an emergency kit.