Doctors of Death:

Ten True Crime Stories of Doctors Who Kill
by Wensley Clarkson

| $17.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-806-1

These mystifying and spine-tingling stories are just what the doctor ordered and they are all true.
     Doctors of Death presents ten hair-raising real life accounts of killing and mayhem in medical training ultimately causing others to die. With a sharp eye for the sort of detail that only true cases can have, they are woven together with some of the most horrifying killings that ever occurred. Many of these extraordinary stories of doctors whose prescriptions ended in lethal bedside manners and deadly diagnoses are more fantastic than any fiction.  Read the chilling account of the doctor who literally soaked his wife to death in a bath full of acid. Then there was the wife-battered practioner who finally cracked in the face of severe physical punishment.
     Doctors of Death offers a graphic insight into the darkest side of the medical profession. If you have ever put your life in someone else’s hands then this book might make you think again.

Wensley Clarkson

is the author of two bestselling true crime books as well as being a journalist, TV producer and screenwriter. He spent ten years as a crime reporter on various British national newspapers until l987, when he quit full time journalism to produce British television documentaries. Another of his books, Dog Eat Dog was turned into a movie screenplay.