Conversations with a Pedophile:

In the Interest of our Children
by Dr. Amy Zabin

August 2013 | $15.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-441-4

CONVERSATIONS WITH A PEDOPHILE is a landmark book.  It is the first time the uncensored voice of a pedophile has been heard. Dr. Amy Zabin met the man called “Alan” while working as a therapist in the prison where he was incarcerated.  He confessed that he had sexually abused more than 1,000 boys.  Dr. Zabin offers her professional expertise and has opened up her own life for examination in this invaluable examination of the pathology of pedophilia. It is in the interest of our children that we listen so that we can better understand and prevent this horrendous crime. 

“A really, really, powerful book.  It will open your eyes to the fact that these monsters walk among us in plain sight.” - Jack Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted”                               


Dr. Amy Zabin

Dr. Amy Zabin began being sexually abused by her father and paternal grandfather at the age of four; the abuse continued for five years.  She credits her pianist mother, who helped special needs children learn social skills through music, as her inspiration in using the powers of music as a therapeutic tool.  Amy gained her Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy at West Texas University, her Master’s at Florida State University and her Doctoral degree at New York University.  Today, Amy is the proud mother of two young teenagers who she hopes will continue to speak their minds and own their bodies.  She consults at Greenwich, Stamford and Norwalk Hospitals in Connecticut and serves on the faculty for the graduate Music Therapy program at New York University.  Dr. Zabin lives in Cos Cob, CT.