Celebrity Lies:

Stars, Fibs, Fabrications, Myths and Little White Lies
by Boze Hadleigh

April 2003 | $16.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-245-8

From the headliners of classic television (Lucille Ball, Ed Sullivan, and Bob Hope) to film icons (Cary Grant, Joan Crawford, and John Wayne) to celebrities of today (Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith)—no star is immune to Hadleigh's biting humor and irascible wit. Entertaining sidebars on such topics as infamous last words and chauvinistic comments about its subjects, it makes for tantalizing and raucous reading. Arranged thematically under such groupings as personal claims, costars and cohorts, and Hollywood myths, Celebrity Lies contains creative, misguided, and downright dishonest statements made by legendary figures of the past and present.

Boze Hadleigh

Hadleigh once wrote: "Hollywood is where the truth lies . . . still." Author or editor of fourteen books, he has been called the Samuel Pepys of Hollywood. Among his successful volumes are Bette Davis Speaks, Hollywood Gays, Sing Out, and Hollywood and Whine. A linguist with the ability to converse in five languages, he has an M.A. in journalism, has traveled to forty-eight countries, and was a finalist on the television game show, Jeopardy. When he isn't traveling, he resides in Beverly Hills, California.