Battle of the Two Talmuds:

Judaism's Struggle with Power, Glory, and Guilt
by Leon Charney and Saul Mayzlish

October 2010 | $22.95 | Hardcover | ISBN: 978-1-56980-439-1

The authors reached back into history to understand the reasons and methods brilliant rabbis and Talmudic scholars abandoned the Holy Land, both physically and spiritually, to settle in what came to be known as the lands of the Diaspora. This dramatic exodus was contrary to the biblical injunction that all Jews must live in the land of Israel. Battle of the Two Talmuds explains in great detail how the Babylonian scholars created their own interpretation of the Torah that grew to take precedence over that of the Jerusalem scholars. This book shows that all human beings are subject in various ways to power, glory, and guilt. It was power, glory, and guilt that has effected the tradition and scholarhsip of Judaism for the past 2000 years. The reader learns how these qualities intertwined in a positive way to make Judaism an enduring and vibrant religion.

Leon Charney

Leon Charney holds a BA and BHL from Yeshiva University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School. He is a former US presidential advisor, and helped Jimmy Carter broker the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement. He is an author of four books including The Mystery of the Kaddish, and hosts "The Charney Report," a weekly, national television show. Saul Mayzlish is a graduate of Yeshiva Nahlim and Bar-Ilan Universiy, and is the coauthor of Mystery of the Kaddish.