Back Door Channels:

The Price of Peace
by Leon Charney

September 2011 | $19.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-462-9

This book reveals the interplay between official government channels, covert intelligence agents and others, who acted largely behind the scenes of the peace process between Egypt and Israel that began in 1978 and is still holding.  The world leaders:  Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat, were driven by deeply held faith and conviction. Others were military hawks who later saw peace as the only viable option. Still others saw peace and stability in terms of business and prosperity.  Covered are the confluence of events that led to the Camp David Accords, the powerful personalities involved as well as the secret liaisons, communications, and third-party world leaders who played important yet seldom understood roles in forging that peace agreement.

Leon Charney

Leon Charney holds a BA and BHL from Yeshiva University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School.  He is a former U.S. presidential advisor and worked closely with Jimmy Carter to help broker the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement. He is the author of four books and hosts "The Charney Report", a weekly national television show. He is the recipient of numerous awards and holds many honorary doctorates, including ones from Yeshiva University and the University of Haifa. Mr Charney resides in New York City.