A Cops Tale: NYPD The Violent Years:

A Detective’s Firsthand Account of Murder & Mayhem
by Detective Sergeant Jim O'Neil with Mel Fazzino, Retired

April 2014 | $16.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-509-1

A gritty, heart-stopping account of a bygone era, A Cop’s Tale depicts the willingness of one of New York’s finest to get as down-and-dirty as the criminals he faced while passionately protecting the citizens of the city he loved. A truly unique look into the minds and hearts of those who we rely on to protect and serve us.

Detective Sergeant Jim O'Neil

Jim O’Neil
entered the NYPD in 1963 as a patrolman. He was assigned to the elite Tactical Patrol Force. Three years later he made Detective and was responsible for breaking the Black Liberation Army case after which he was promoted to Sergeant. Jim saw action as head of the Homicide Task Force in Harlem during the drug wars. He then was the boss of the Senior Citizen Robbery Squad before retiring in 1984. He earned dual degrees in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science while still on the force.

Mel Fazzino
is a member of the Mystery Writers of America. He has taught writing courses and is the author of several short stories. His rich experiences garnered from the three years he spent hitch-hiking around the country as a teen­ager colored the way he sees the world and is reflected in his unique writing style. This is his first book.